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Melbourne, Australia

May 17, 2012

Melbourne was the last city that we had an orchestra join us.   Sharing the stage with “Orchestra Victoria” was very memorable. (see pic)   I’ve really enjoyed these past several performances with the orchestras- they add a special little something…..goosebumps perhaps?

I tried kangaroo for the first time in Melbourne.  Eating roo just days after I was hangin’ out with one was a little weird, but hey- when in Rome…   It was pretty tasty, like a cross between steak and venison.  (see pic)

Melbourne is known for its shopping.  I’m not a shopper, but I can see why people that do like to shop love Melbourne.  Malls, boutiques, and stores were everywhere!  There is a central train station that the city seems to have been built around, and next to it was a large church.  The church choir had a nightly performance that we ducked into for a bit.  Both the choir and the church were beautiful! (see pic)

As we were headed to the airport in the early morning, there were several hot air balloons over the city.  It was quite a sight, with the sun coming up over the horizon.

On to Tasmania!


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