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Busan, South Korea

December 9, 2012


I’ve grown up hearing about Korea and the traditions.  My mom spent 4 years of her childhood there because her parents were missionaries.  I remember growing up and playing with several of the traditional Korean dresses that used to belong to mom.  The first stop of the Asian tour was Busan (pronounced Pusan), a city at the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula. The Beomeosa Temple in Busan had some beautiful architecture, and there were many smaller temples all around.  The colors were exquisite and much different from what I was used to in Japan.  There were little figurines of men on top of most of the temples.  We visited on a Sunday, and there was a Buddhist service being held in the main square.  There must have been about 400 people, and several news cameras.  Something special was going on, but I wasn’t sure what.  A swastika was printed on one of the temples.  (see pic) The Nazi swastika we are used to seeing is actually a “reverse” swastika. The swastika was widely used in ancient times as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune.  Too bad that its seen now as something that represents evil. As we were leaving, I saw a group of kids playing in the river.  I just wanted to include the pic because it makes me happy 🙂Temple ColorsLittle MenBackward SwastikaKorean Kids


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