Adelaide, Australia

From Perth to Adelaide:

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra joined us onstage tonight.  The orchestras keep getting better and better in each city!

How Michael Bolton keeps up this kind of schedule while still managing to be spot- on every show with his vocals amazes me.  The man can sing!  I wasn’t too familiar with his music before I joined the group, but after hearing him nail it every night, I have so much respect for his talent!   I’m also grateful that more horn-heavy songs have been added to the show recently.  Michael just finished a Motown album that should be coming out soon.  Can’t wait to learn those charts too!

Adelaide is Orianthi’s hometown.   Her generous family invited the whole band and crew over for an Aussie style BBQ.  It was so nice to be out of a hotel and into a home.  The food was all home made and amazing.  I even had some “quail on the Barbie” (see pic)  Other dishes included organic vegetables from the impressive garden out back.  (no pun intended 🙂  Touring her home studio was also a treat.

Flying all over Australia has given me a bird’s eye view of the country.  I now see why most of the cities are on the coasts.  The Outback looks like a very harsh terrain to live in.   No time for a “walkabout’ on this tour, but maybe someday!  In each country, I love capturing the small differences in everyday things.  Take a look at their water fountains and trash cans! (see pic)


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2 Responses to “Adelaide, Australia”

  1. Julie Says:

    You are amazing!! What an awesome trip!! 🙂

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