Perth, Western Australia

Perth was beautiful! The view from my hotel room was a reminder of how blessed I am to be doing what I love while seeing the world. I stepped out of the hotel and into the Indian Ocean. (see pic) I kept a sharp eye out for dorsal fins- apparently three people have been killed by Great Whites this year in and around Perth.  Surf schools were going on, and it was nice to see almost as many girls as guys!  I’m hoping to do some surfing while we are in Sydney – Bondai Beach!

This tour is different from other MB tours in that orchestras join us in every city! We shared the stage with the Western Australia Symphony, and I loved being able to chat with all the different musicians. It makes me feel right at home after subbing with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra for the past several years (whenever I am home!)

Another special edition to this tour is Oritanthi.   Born and raised in Australia, she was the guitar player for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. If you’ve seen the DVD, you’ll remember her. She has several albums out of her own and just got off the road with Alice Cooper. We love touring with Ori and getting to know her! (see pic)


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