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Adelaide, Australia

April 28, 2012

From Perth to Adelaide:

The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra joined us onstage tonight.  The orchestras keep getting better and better in each city!

How Michael Bolton keeps up this kind of schedule while still managing to be spot- on every show with his vocals amazes me.  The man can sing!  I wasn’t too familiar with his music before I joined the group, but after hearing him nail it every night, I have so much respect for his talent!   I’m also grateful that more horn-heavy songs have been added to the show recently.  Michael just finished a Motown album that should be coming out soon.  Can’t wait to learn those charts too!

Adelaide is Orianthi’s hometown.   Her generous family invited the whole band and crew over for an Aussie style BBQ.  It was so nice to be out of a hotel and into a home.  The food was all home made and amazing.  I even had some “quail on the Barbie” (see pic)  Other dishes included organic vegetables from the impressive garden out back.  (no pun intended 🙂  Touring her home studio was also a treat.

Flying all over Australia has given me a bird’s eye view of the country.  I now see why most of the cities are on the coasts.  The Outback looks like a very harsh terrain to live in.   No time for a “walkabout’ on this tour, but maybe someday!  In each country, I love capturing the small differences in everyday things.  Take a look at their water fountains and trash cans! (see pic)


Perth, Western Australia

April 23, 2012

Perth was beautiful! The view from my hotel room was a reminder of how blessed I am to be doing what I love while seeing the world. I stepped out of the hotel and into the Indian Ocean. (see pic) I kept a sharp eye out for dorsal fins- apparently three people have been killed by Great Whites this year in and around Perth.  Surf schools were going on, and it was nice to see almost as many girls as guys!  I’m hoping to do some surfing while we are in Sydney – Bondai Beach!

This tour is different from other MB tours in that orchestras join us in every city! We shared the stage with the Western Australia Symphony, and I loved being able to chat with all the different musicians. It makes me feel right at home after subbing with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra for the past several years (whenever I am home!)

Another special edition to this tour is Oritanthi.   Born and raised in Australia, she was the guitar player for Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” tour. If you’ve seen the DVD, you’ll remember her. She has several albums out of her own and just got off the road with Alice Cooper. We love touring with Ori and getting to know her! (see pic)

The Gold Coast

April 17, 2012

I had a 22 hour travel day to the Gold Coast in Australia, but well worth it! We all had dinner with our boss, Mr Bolton when we got in. It was nice catching up after the break. Luckily, we had a day off the next day to (try to) adjust to the time change. We used it to hold koala bears and pet kangaroos!  The koalas were so cute.  I didn’t expect the kangaroo’s claws to look like that! (see pic)  The use of their tail to jump is very interesting too.  It acts as a muscular third leg.  The next day was showtime, and we were the first act to play in the newly renovated theater at Jupiter’s Gold Coast Casino. It was a beautiful 2,000 seat house that even still smelled new! The Gold Coast Pops orchestra joined us for the show. What a treat! The JABBAWOCKEEZ were hanging backstage the whole show, so I got to know them a bit too. (They are the winner’s of the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew and have a permanent Vegas show). Afterward, Jupiter’s threw us an opening night party. Seal happened to be the next act and his band arrived at the hotel. I was able to catch up with my good friend and trombonist Ellie,

and some of his band members. (I played a concert with Seal a couple years ago and got to know them back then- what are the odds that we’d be meeting again in the same hotel all the way across the world??) Now, the cross-country flight to Perth!

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