Triple Date and Shark n’ Bake in Trinidad

Trinidad was beautiful.  The drive to the beach looked like the amazon-it was so lush!  The road was so windy, and our driver must have thought it was a Nascar course.  I was only slightly afraid for my life (see video)  On top of that, MB was blaring on the radio.  It was a little Twilight Zonish.  I ate a local favorite at the beach- shark n’ bake.  Its a fried shark filet on a bun with a bunch of different sauces and vegetables piled on top. Delish!  The audience the next day was something I’ve never experienced- 15,000 people.  Such a rush.  4 big acts- Jimi Jamison (of Survivor), Rick Springfield, Richard Marx, and Michael Bolton as the headliner.  That night, I stumbled upon MB and Richard Marx having drinks outside at the hotel.  They are great friends that go way back.  They invited me to sit down and I ended up having drinks with them for a couple of hours- hence the triple date.  Don’t worry- Jeff was cool with it 🙂  


One Response to “Triple Date and Shark n’ Bake in Trinidad”

  1. Ben Says:

    This looks dericious!

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