New Trumpet

Full view

I recently became an artist clinician for E.K. Blessing and Co, and perform exclusively on Pow

Powell Signature Trumpets logo on leadpipe

ell Signature Trumpets.  I visited the warehouse this summer in Elkhart, IN, and also visited the site of the new warehouse, which opened this month.  They are doing great things over there- completely revamping the whole Blessing Company.  I tried all of the horns, from the student to professional and was impressed with all of them.  I couldn’t believe how well made the student horns were, for the price they go for.  The professional line was amazing as well. I’ve been playing on the Powell Signature Trumpet for about a month now, and love it!  (Fred Powell is his own company, working for and under the Blessing umbrella.) The horn has these new European water keys that I had never seen before, but really like them.  The trumpet pretty much plays itself.  It is plated in 24K gold and I have avoided getting any dings or scratches in it so far.  It has only been a month, but for those of you that know my clumsy side, I’m doin’ well!  I’ve included a few pictures.

SC Palmetto Tree and Crescent Moon with my initials
State of the art European water keys.

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