Rome and Sicily

Rome and Sicily:  The last two stops on the tour.

     Rome was a lot of fun.  We arrived around 6, but still took advantage of the night!  Janice, Ellie, and I went to an authentic Italian restaurant and did it up!  I had Eggplant Parmesan.  It was incredible.  It had SO much cheese baked in.  I was in heaven.   Afterwards, we took a cab to a central area of town and saw the sights.  I think it was called Piazza Niova. There were so many people out, even around 9:30 or 10 at night!  We took a rickshaw ride to Trevi fountain, which was gorgeous.  Then we ended up drinking wine on on the patio outside of a bar looking at a beautiful building. (see pic)

     The next day, we got up ready to hit the city before soundcheck.  We took the train to The Vatican, with the goal of seeing the Sistine Chapel.  On our way there, people were advertising tours.  They said there was an hour and a half line to see the Chapel, but if we were with one of their tours, we would not have to wait and we would get a guided tour and explanations of everything.  Since we had limited time and had to get to soundcheck, we decided to do it.    Well, when they said they would explain everything, they weren’t kidding.  This tour guide explained every little detail of every little thing.  The Sistine Chapel is at the end of a HUGE museum.  (The picture of the statue is of Hercules).

 The tour was going on 2 and a half hours and we still weren’t close to the Chapel.  We decided to leave the tour and book it down to the Chapel.  There wasn’t an hour and a half wait, much less a minute and a half wait.  Ugh.  We got scammed. 

     That aside, the Sistine Chapel was amazing.  Michaelangelo is a master and I don’t know how he accomplished that feat.   We weren’t supposed to take pictures, but my camera might have accidentally gone off and I got a shot of the ceiling.  (see pic)

     I really wanted to see the Colosseum, but since the tour took SO long, we didn’t have time.  Since I was in Rome, this was just unacceptable.  I decided to go after the show, even though we had to be up really early to leave for Sicily.  The soundcheck ran late and we didn’t get a chance to eat supper.  They fed us afterwards, but I was able to get out.  A few of us went around 2 am and had a great time.  We even found Duff beer! (For those of you that don’t know, Duff is Homer Simpson’s drink of choice) The Colosseum is beautiful, especially at night. (see pics) We also saw the Pantheon.  I didn’t get a good shot of it because it wasn’t well lit.  It had a pretty fountain in front of it with statues spitting out water. (see pic)  (The brown stuff under his mouth is not from the Duff beer I was pretending to give him!  Just a little rust)  Even though I was paying for being out so late the next morning, there are NO regrets!

    Sicily was beautiful.  We stayed in Catania and played in Taormina.  Our hotel in Catania was a minute walk from the beach and had a great view of Mt. Etna.  Mt. Etna is an active volcano.  You can see the steam coming out of the top in the picture.  When we got in, we took a cab to the downtown area of Catania and ate a delicious seafood meal. (see pic)  The restaurant was right on the big square and we had a great view of the cathedral (see pic).

      The next day, Ellie and I tried to go to the little water park that was nearby, but it didn’t open until 3:30.  We came back and lounged by the pool.  I was kind of glad that there wasn’t anything to see, because I was beat!  I bought internet and was able to catch up on my blogs.

      Taormina was about 45 minutes away.  It is one of the most beautiful towns I’ve ever seen!  The venue was, again, part of old ruins. (see pics)  It was on top of a mountain, with a little village right before it. The view of Mt. Etna was amazing! There were all sorts of shops and restaurants  (and gelato stands- see pic) along the windy, narrow street leading up to the venue.  Houses had flower-filled window boxes everywhere. (see pic)  It was just what I would have imagined Sicily to look like.  The little pears you see were in our dressing rooms.  They were so cute!

      The last show of the tour went really well and I made sure to soak it all up!  The venue was beautiful by day, but stunning by night!  It was on top of a mountain and you could see the twinkling lights of the city down below.  The weather was perfect and I was lovin’ it!

     Well, that concludes my blogs for the Michael Bolton European Tour!  Michael said that he was pleased with me and would like to have me back sometime, so that’s exciting!   I hope there are more adventures to come!


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