Spain and Croatia


      The tour is trucking along.  Im getting really tired from all this travelling, but its definitely worth it!!  Spain was very pretty.  We stayed in a place called Lloret De Mar.  It is a beach town right on the Mediterranean, about 30 miles from Barcelona.  The venue was right outside of an old Russian Castle overlooking the Mediterranean!  They fed us an amazing dinner after soundcheck.  The show went well and afterwards, MB invited us for drinks in the hotel bar.

    Croatia was AMAZING!!  We were in a place called Pula, right on the Adriatic.  Our hotel was another resort.  The “sugarhorns” spent some time on the “beach”.  It was a bunch of rocks/ruins with steps leading down to the water.  The water was so clean and cool.  It was great.

      The venue in Croatia was an old Roman Coliseum!  It was very surreal to play there, to say the least.  Apparently, this coliseum was built before “THE” Coliseum.  I guess the Romans wanted to test their work out first in Croatia.

     Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll write about Rome and Sicily soon!  


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