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Thessaloniki and Bucharest

June 27, 2009

Hey Everyone!

       So the first show went well, except we only got to play about 6 songs.  It started raining and lightning and we had to cancel it.  The crew worked ALL day to get the electricity up.  They were having problems but got it at the last minute.  We didn’t even get a full soundcheck.  Im sure we won’t have all those problems tomorrow night.  

      Michael B took us all out to a big Greek dinner.  I met him for the first time.  He’s very nice and down to earth.   A marching band passed down the street on the sidewalk right next to the Aegean Sea.  It was really cool to see.   Jessy and I rode in a cab with Michael  back to the hotel.  Thats when we found out Michael Jackson had died.  You know how everybody remembers where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy died?  This is going to be the same thing.

     I’ve eaten really good food so far.  The hotel breakfast in Greece was amazing (and free)!  We’ve been fed dinner by the promoters every day so far.  I haven’t spent much on food at all!

    We flew to Bucharest, Romania today.  The plane that we were on was very small and rickety.  Its the first time I’ve been nervous for a flight.   Jessy and I went walking when we got in.  We passed some cool old buildings.  One of them had bats flying all around!!  Very Transylvania-like!!  Then we found a big park and rented a paddleboat!  I have to say that the men here are very pompous and forward.  I don’t think they are used to girls who will dish it back to them 🙂   I think Im going to go to the flea market tomorrow before soundcheck.

     Everyone in the band and on the crew are so nice.  I feel like I know them all well already!  Im excited to play a full show tomorrow.  We didn’t even get to a song with instruments last time before the show got cancelled!

   I’ll try and post pictures next time I write a blog.  The Hilton is charging the equivalent of $17  for one hour of internet!!  I found a bar right around the corner with FREE internet.  Take THAT, Hilton!!   I didn’t upload my pics yet.  Im going to make it a goal to write a lot more blogs, since I can’t seem to keep a journal for the life of me.  More to come soon!!!


June 24th, 2009

June 24, 2009

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!   (Feels weird to say, as I’ve never been the blogging type)   After a LONG travel day, I am finally here in Thessanoliki, Greece.  Haven’t gotten a chance to get out, but hope to soon!   Im a little bummed because I left my most favorite jacket that I got in Japan (some of you know it- the navy blue and white with big Japanese characters on the back) in the Athens airport.  Oh well.  I’m in Greece.  That makes me feel better!   More blogs to come soon!

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